Kitchen Trends to Look Out for This Year

Are you planning to build a new kitchen or remodel an existing one? Well, you’ve come to the right place. With new kitchen brands popping up nearly every month and lots of kitchen design ideas and innovations displayed in showrooms, there are many on-trends to look out for.

With the help of the latest in-demand trends, you can convert your kitchen into a luxurious and exciting space for your family to gather, eat, cook, play, and even work. Here, we will look at the biggest kitchen trends in 2022 to inspire your next project. Let’s dive in.


1.   Smart Storage

The desire for more open spaces calls for decluttering and increased storage space, especially in the kitchen, where we tend to have so many things, from cooking equipment and accessories to ingredients. Secret or concealed storage can significantly enhance the aesthetic of most kitchen layouts.

Before building or renovating a kitchen space, it is wise to factor in enough storage space to keep clutter out of sight and make the room functional. Opt for practical storage ideas like pan drawers rather than gizmos. And don’t be afraid to experiment. For example, if your kitchen has a compact floor space but high roofs, you can incorporate tall wall storage with a pull-out larder for easy access.


2.   Sustainability

With more and more people going green, it makes sense that most kitchen designs and décor in 2022 give the nod to mother nature. In fact, more eco-friendly kitchen products are making their way into a majority of homes today more than ever before.

People are also opting for sustainable appliances like water-saving dishwashers and energy-saving refrigerators. Countertops are now available in an array of recycled options, and cabinetry is made from environmentally conscious substances.

Although most individuals don’t love compromising on aesthetics, they understand the importance of conserving the environment for future generations. As such, they will make the right choices. What’s more, people today question the full cycle of a product from source to market to determine if it’s sustainable.


3.    More Attention to Cabinetry

Another common trend observed is the increased attention toward cabinetry design. Sure, people already love the wide selection of woods used today like cherry, walnut, pecan, oak, alder, and maple.

However, there’s a need for unique materials for cabinetry. Materials like glamorous stone, plaster, quartz, and rough concrete should not be limited to countertops only. They can make unique cabinetry designs that stand out. We should also see more mesh cabinetry or sleeker, furniture-like cabinetry.


4.   Natural Elements

Natural materials like granite, unpainted wood, and marble are becoming a more common fixture in the kitchen. These materials boast a rich aesthetic quality and are recognised for their ability to make homes more sustainable (they reduce the number of chemical items in your house).

Incorporate natural elements into your kitchen design to add warmth and depth to your space. Elements like oak cabinetry, which is durable, introduce texture to a kitchen. Live edge wood will help display a naturalistic look that pairs with the kitchen’s greenery accents and natural light.


5.   Green Is Here to Stay

Bringing outdoor beauty still remains among the key design trend in 2022. Whether you prefer a succulent or herbs, having greenery in your kitchen can help brighten your space. A kitchen that enjoys ample natural light can benefit from live foliage. You can add plant pots on countertops or open shelves and other empty spaces in your kitchen that would otherwise feel cold.

It goes without saying that not everyone has the magic hands to keep plants alive. If that applies to you, add faux plants to your space. These plants help you showcase natural, green elements without the worry of regularly watering them.


6.   Modern County

Another kitchen trend to look out for this year is the high demand for a more rustic, country-inspired look. This trend is driven by last year’s lockdown, which forced some people to migrate back to their rural homes from big cities. But even those individuals who remained in the urban centres desire a county-inspired kitchen with a modern feel. Homeowners today are not afraid to experiment with new materials to blend classic and modern looks and establish a truly unique and functional kitchen design.


7.   Glass Partitioning

Even with the rise of large open-plan rooms, some people still value the benefit of being able to close the door and escape the noise from other rooms. That’s where glass portioning comes in. Unlike walls, glazed partitions can split rooms without affecting the lighting or feeling of togetherness. They also help prevent the smell from the kitchen from sipping through to other rooms in the house. With glass partitions, you can create an illusion of space without having a fully open kitchen area and create architectural interest.


8.    Layered Lighting

Getting kitchen lighting right is usually a challenging task. But thanks to the art of layering, you can successfully light up your space. The truth is? A kitchen requires only a certain number of task lighting in a specific area. If you install too many downlighters, your kitchen ceiling might end up looking like a landing strip. The right lighting will add character to the space and help define distinctive areas within your kitchen.


9.   Outdoor Smart Kitchens

Over the years, we have seen an evolution of indoor kitchen smart-tech, but now the smart-tech is making it outdoors. Now homeowners can control their outdoor smart-kitchen appliances via their smartphone using Wi-Fi-enabled apps. Outdoor smart kitchens can feature a whole host of accessories, including ambient LED lighting, Wi-Fi-enabled grills, concealed smart TVs and projectors, etc.

Bottom Line

No one can predict truly what the future hold, but these 9 trends have proved to have a significant impact on kitchen design, layout, and functionality this year. They will help you create a kitchen space that reflects your personal taste and comprises all the appliances that fit your specific needs. Don’t forget to check out other trends to find better ways to improve your kitchen design. That marks the end of our piece! We hope these top 2022 kitchen trends have offered you some inspiration.

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